Smarter Law means, practically:

Developing new and better ways of working with our clients, and not accepting the status quo. Using technology to drive efficiency and deliver better client solutions. Creating new, adjacent service and product offerings that provide value for clients.
Collaborating and co-creating with clients and each other. Pricing our services in a way that delivers increased value and greater certainty for clients. Being responsive to clients and working agilely in a way that works for our clients and our people.
Developing deep industry and subject matter expertise to provide better client solutions. Resourcing flexibly to provide greater expertise and efficiency. Communicating clearly and using contemporary channels.

Recent Smarter Law client solutions

Hall & Wilcox Governance, Risk and Compliance Services (HW GRC)

Organisational risk management and regulatory compliance poses a significant burden on organisations and is ever increasing.

Identifying risks and being alert to emerging risks is increasing in complexity.

Awareness, visibility, monitoring and responding is critical.

Essential for effective management is a robust system with:
Icons1 automated workflows Icons2registers Icons3 reporting


The response

The solution

  • Assist clients to develop and manage their compliance and risk management framework (if they don’t have one).
  • Partnering with Vinciworks, a leading provider of customised technology for compliance and risk management.
  • HW GRC provides consulting and implementation services to assist clients identify risks and compliance obligations and apply the relevant technology components from the Vinciworks suite to manage them.
  • Reduces risk, complexity and cost associated with managing compliance and risk through numerous cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Enables clients to identify, monitor and report on risks on a distributed basis with responsibility assigned and registers updated by risk owners.
  • Provides evidence of ongoing compliance through workflows
    that trigger actions and responses to key requirements.
  • A single solution that maintains the relevant registers, logs,
    policy documentation and updates reduces the cost of compliance.
  • Provides automated escalation and visibility of breaches
    and non-compliance.
  • Affordable annual subscription based services with relevant
    technical updates and support.


If you would like to discuss this solution further, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Sumith Perera.

A solution for the insurance sector

Hall & Wilcox is a leading adviser to the insurance sector, and has specialist experience and knowledge of the insurance claims process.

Our goal

To enable clients to assess the recovery potential of an insurance claim without the need to engage a lawyer. Clients can then decide whether to proceed with the claim and provide the necessary information and documentation, to a lawyer.

Our response

Hall & Wilcox partnered with Neota Logic, a leading technology platform combining rules based, decision management and document automation.

Hall & Wilcox has developed a web application using Neota Logic for several of our insurance clients. It is a platform for the rapid development and deployment of web applications to enable clients to initiate, manage and receive legal solutions online.

We would be delighted to discuss the potential applications of Neota Logic for your business. If you would like further details, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Sumith Perera.